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Many of the acupressure points were given beautiful names that to the practitioner, represented a special effect of working that point. To the lay man, these may not mean much. Jade Pillow is one of these and is a point on the bladder meridian located on the bony protuberance at the back of the head.

In China however, Jade has long been used in pillows to enhance beauty and health. The original jade pillows were blocks of jade with an indentation for the head. Today, jade pillows have flat jade stones sewn into the fabric of the pillowcase. Jade is said to keep the face cool and lead to better sleep.

Jade is also used in rollers for use on the face and are said to be used by various celebrities, including Kate Moss. Rolling them across your face is said to encourage blood flow to the face and stimulate lymphatic drainage.

Rollers known as Ridoki rollers are sometimes used in Tsuboki Japanese Face Massage. To read about them, click here.

As chance would have it, I found this music for meditation entitled "The Jade Pillow". Enjoy!



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